Tongue Twisters


R, r

Three grey rabbits in the grass

Grow roses for us.

L, l

Lazy lion is lying smiling

At his lion cubs and the lioness.

S, s

Seven seals in the sea

Sing the song to you and me.

G, g

Giggling geese are playing games,

They are going to race.

W, w

Willie's whistle would whistle.

Q, q

Quiet ducks in a queue

Greet the Queen's daughter Sue.

D, d

Daring dolphins dive deep

Up and down when they leap.

Th, th

"this", "that", "those", "these"

Are sitting in the trees.

J, j

I am jumping Jack,

I am jumping Pam,

We are jumping jugs

With juice and jam!

Sh, sh

A sunshiny shower

Shows us its power.

Find a shed for an hour!




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